Nowhere Towns


'Nowhere Towns' is an accomplished mix of folk, country and Americana, produced by Melbourne musician and producer Chris Frangou. Each song is a personal reflection, and as Paul puts it, lyrics are his last chance to get everything off his chest. “For years, I’ve been holding on and writing songs about past experiences, old relationships and things I’ve done. I want to write about things I have to look forward to from now on.” The first single off Nowhere Towns is ‘Settle Down Boy’, due for release in mid-January. The song was inspired by Paul’s idea of settling down and not buying into the fear of what you read and see in modern day media. His lyrics ‘growing without knowing’ are reflective of his younger self and how we can be so naive growing up. The punchy melody is driven by Paul’s wonderful display of finger picking and infectious violin harmonies.


In addition to Paul's powerful performance as a front-man, 'Nowhere Towns' features ARIA award nominated musician John Bedggood from The Wilson Pickers on Violin and Mandolin, as well as the record's producer, Chris Frangou from Melbourne award winning band Black Jesus Experience on bass.