“The Light”, the second release from Melbourne drummer Hannes Lackmann’s RAMEN is both a meditation and celebration of long-form rhythmic cycles coloured with groove and improvisation. Borrowing the rhythmic language of Greg Sheehan and Nik Bärtsch, “The Light” is a collection of studies aimed at expanding the listening experience of both audience and performer.


Previously a more bombastic quintet, the trio create a focussed, but ambient space and clarity for the music to gently unfold. Listeners may float in a sea of syncopation while others may sink into a polyrhythmic-funk abyss.

“The Light” is Karnivool and Nag Champa.


Pianist Selene Messinis (ISM) and Lackmann came to know one another during an intensive study in Cuba, learning traditional Folkloric rhythms, and have since developed a strong musical connection. Messinis has since established herself as an adaptable freelance musician, now also performing with Circus Oz.


Bassist Matt Hayes (Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange), also maintains a busy schedule, having recently come from a tour with Cousin Tony’s Brand New Firebird and ZFX as well as having countless releases under his own name.


Having now performed extensively in Melbourne as a trio and quintet, RAMEN is a serendipitous occurrence rooted in listening, trust and respect, not to be missed in this lighter trio format.

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The Light


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